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Streamline your Contact Center operations with powerful management tools

Deliver best in class employee and customer experience from anywhere. When selecting a Client Engagement Platform, don't compromise between power & ease-of-use. Create best-in-class customer experiences with powerful analytics, automation & effective communication & collaboration while improving agent operational efficiency, customer and ease of integration with ecosystem.

In an omni-channel customer service landscape where businesses have a multi channels of communication with customers, the phone remains a key tool for delivering a superior customer experience. That means contact centers have a pivotal role to play in delivering the best customer interactions possible, and there a number of things businesses can do to improve them.

A holistic Customer Service Strategy begins with Digital Transformation. The past 18months have essentially hit the fast forward button on digital transformation in all business sectors. Businesses are forced to change the way employees work and the customer service industry is no exception and the this sudden shift has a profound impact on the Customer Experience ( CX) for many businesses.

Create a fully connected Customer Experience within any digital journey, whether you’re focusing on the contact center or Unified Collaborations

OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise's modularity and support for both traditional and IP Telephony including SIP, provide investment protection and accelerated ROI. Whether the contact center is centralized, or users are distributed across diverse locations. OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise is designed to help improve your business operations and finances.

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