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AV Room Technology for Ideation & Town Hall Meetings

  • Supports Soft Based UC Platforms like Teams / Zoom/ Google Meet Collaboration on your own device
  • All –in-One Plug in Peripherals for USB Video Collaboration
  • Wirelessly share content from smart devices Apple/ Android & Mac and Windows PC.
  • Easily switch between wired and wireless sources

All hands Meet / Town hall Meet “ T.E.A.M”

AV Technology should support below Activities:

  • Come together as a team to share highlights to Large format Display & Set of Re-inforced Video devices to engage the audience
  • Involve everyone in a massive brainstorm session using HD quality Audio solution Bundle.
  • Able to share contents from any device and seamless connectivity and switching.
  • Stream the town hall meeting event to other facilities over IP network.
  • Boost the team morale by conducting Q&A sessions.
  • Increased employee engagement with room filled Audio and legible Video setup.

Digital Signage Solution for Corporate Communications

Digital Signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences in your organisation in one go. It’s also better than e-mail, printed posters, Notice Boards and bullet-in boards because :

  • You can deliver breaking news in real-time
  • Screens are brighter video motion contents can be shared
  • You can have multiple contents on a screen at once
  • You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day
  • It’s cheaper than print for big audiences
  • It’s better than print for green reasons
  • Information – new policies at work, training dates, directories, weather & news
  • Employee Motivation, recognition and reward programs, individual achievement, internal contests can be published across the campus.
  • Announcements – Welcome Greetings messages, Wishes of Birthday & Milestone, community & social activities can be published across the campus

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