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The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family offers meticulously conceived, compact and easy-to-administer devices to fulfill the infinitely varied needs of a multitude of users.

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP product family offers the industry’s leading HD voice transmission – AudioPresenceHD.

AudioPresenceTM HD ensures that the users of these telephones can get an immersive audio experience for voice calls and audio conferences. AudioPresenceTM HD is provided for the most of the entire portfolio of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP product family.

  • OpenScape Desk Phones are Energy Star Certified
  • The design is Intuitive, space-saving and convenient
  • Interoperability via Bluetooth® and  NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • integrated Ethernet switch & PoE Support
  • Wide band Acoustics for HD Quality audio
  • New and state-of-the art user interface
  • UC integration

Operational software -  SIP software is pre-installed,

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