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Our network switches simplify and secure digital networks—data center, core, and edge.

Featured technologies

  • Enterprise Network Security : Your network holds the key to defending your organization. It is critical that your security architecture enable a secure digital network. Cisco switches, routers, and wireless solutions strengthen your security system. Their enhanced capabilities work together to create what we call "the network as a sensor" and "the network as an enforcer."
  • Catalyst Multigigabit Technology : As wireless speeds increase, don’t let your switches become a bottleneck. Prepare your access switches for 802.11ac Wave 2 with Catalyst Multigigabit Technology. It delivers speeds beyond 1 Gigabit on existing Category 5e/6 cables. The technology also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, and Cisco Universal PoE (UPOE) so you don’t need to install new electrical circuits to power your access points.
  • Application Centric Infrastructure : Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments. It accomplishes this using a business-relevant software defined networking (SDN) policy model across networks, servers, storage, security, and services.
  • Tetration Analytics : Our new Tetration Analytics platform delivers visibility across everything in your data center in real time. It uses hardware and software sensors to give you behavior-based application insight with deep forensics. Get a highly secure and reliable zero-trust model. Dramatically simplify your operations. Migrate applications faster. Make changes intelligently.

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