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Team Collaboration Technology

At Tasktel, we provide Complete Professional Audio & Video Solution for enterprise of every size, bring state-of-the-art Audio and Visual technology to any workspace, from huddle spaces to the largest meeting venues.

The traditional workplace had endured a substantial transformation over past few years as a result of emerging technologies in collaborative application domain. Collaborative technology refers to tools and systems designed to better facilitate group work both in-office & remote or anywhere.

Thanks to today’s workplace collaborative tools, productivity is no longer chained to a physical desk in an office. The office can be anywhere you have an Internet connection, meetings held from the comfort of your home and tasks ticked off on one teamwide with real-time collaborative software suite. This highlights a need for meeting and collaboration technology that is as easy and intuitive as our smart devices and that works with the existing technology seamlessly.

These tools help your employees and customers to be more communicative, more collaborative and more cooperative than ever. This demanded for boundless communication between software and hardware to work together seamlessly so teams can communicate & collaborate efficiently to solve the problems. This technology shift is driving the meeting rooms, conference room set up to transform over last few years.

The modern workspaces demand for new age collaboration technology that is very simple to book a room, start the meeting, share content and bring HD video collaboration into any space - in the office, in the classroom or at home - and enable all participants to interact in real time.

Visual collaboration is the concept of technology enabled collaboration - that can involve multiple sources into an environment that is accessible from multiple devices, from multiple locations.

Key trends Impacting Meeting Room Strategy are :

  • The Freedom to work from Anywhere
  • Shifts in Communication Preferences
  • Software-based Communication Solutions
  • A Tech-native Workforce Accustomed to Flexibility
  • Wireless screen share & Whiteboarding
  • Share content and co-create or Compare Side by Side
  • Non Proprietary Unified Appliance for Platform agnostic Collaboration
  • Access the Session remotely

Key capabilities of Successful Collaboration Technology :

  • Scalable Solutions – The technology solution must be customizable to meet the needs of various collaboration spaces.
  • Optimize workflow and resource management - People work smarter and more efficiently on a platform that enables call, present & collaborate.
  • Intuitive Operation – Users must be able to enter the space and get going immediately without any training on the system.
  • Flexible Capabilities – Users should be able to easily share the content from their laptops, tablets or phones with wired or wireless connection.
  • Secure Network Connectivity – Systems must be network connected to be secured, provide remote support, monitoring and firmware updates
  • Optimize workflow and resource management - People work smarter and more efficiently on a platform that enables call, present & collaborate.

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